About Us

Stephanie is a Physiotherapist and Exercise Scientist. She has over 20 years of experience in exercise practice and physiotherapy practice combined. She established Posture Patrol because she saw a need for musculoskeletal programs in so many areas of the community.

Physiotherapists are the experts in motor control (how muscles control our bodies). They understand how the musculoskeletal system should work to allow the body to function with the best efficiency and minimal stress to the joints. They understand the mechanisms underlying pathology and the appropriate rehabilitation as well as the consequences of inappropriate posture and muscle function which enables them to design such programs.

Posture Patrol runs preventative physiotherapy programs in schools, corporations, the community and in fitness centres.

We provide education with practical application on musculoskeletal health, movement, posture, office ergonomics, manual handling and safe and effective exercise.

While these programs aim to be preventative they also have significant rehabilitative application.