About Posture

In the Posture Patrol classes you will learn how to posture yourself when you
sit/ stand / walk / play sports / exercise / get off a chair / bend. You will learn why this is good for you, which muscles you are using and why you want to use your muscles in that way. So why is this important?

What is posture?

Posture is the composite positions of all the joints of the body at any given moment, whether static or dynamic. This alignment is influenced by many factors. We can have sitting posture, standing posture, walking posture and appropriate posture for any physical activity, including sport.

What is good posture?

Good posture is a state of musculoskeletal balance which protects the supporting structures of the body against pain, injury and progressive deformity. This is achieved by appropriate activation, endurance, strength and length of appropriate muscles. Good posture provides shock absorption and promotes correct transfer of loads during movement. Correct posture activates the postural/stabilising muscle system.

What is poor posture?

Poor posture places increasing stress and strain on supporting structures. It changes the position of the body parts relative to one another making them function less efficiently and predisposing them to injury. It will also change muscle function, endurance and length as some muscles become short, tight or overactive and others are overly lengthened or become weak. Poor posture moves the load off the postural muscle system and puts the force onto incorrect muscles which stresses the joints.

Consequences of poor posture: Musculoskeletal problems are the obvious consequences of poor posture - pain, injury, inability to carry out activities of daily living and participate in sport and exercise

Other problems also arise such as altered breathing mechanics, impeded blood circulation, emotional strains, low comfort perception, lack of confidence.

In the long term, maintenance of poor posture will result in structural changes and lead to progressive deformity. There are a number of variations of incorrect sitting and standing posture all resulting in their own tendencies to predispose the body to various pain. Just incorrect sitting or standing posture can lead to sport injury.