At Posture Patrol

With Physio Exercise classes at Drummoyne and West Ryde, Posture Patrol provides more than just pilates. Your body will benefit from education with practical application on musculoskeletal health, movement, posture, office ergonomics, manual handling and safe and effective exercise. We like to think of our classes as Physio Exercise Plus!

Our Physio Stability Classes are beyond Pilates and much better for you.

Our core stabilty exercise program includes learning correct posture, stabilising of all the joints in your body and offers practical application to everyday function and injury prevention.

Our Fit at 50+ classes which are held at both Drummoyne and West Ryde, provide stability excercise classes focusing on balance and strengthing the spine and bones and includes educaiton on falls and osteporosis prevention.

Our Exercise Classes are led by a physiotherapist with over 20 years experience, and exercises are based on scientific research and are better for you than the traditional fitness Pilates.

All our classes include a relaxation period at the end of the class to help you unwind from your daily life.


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We're looking forward to the new terms and hope you are too. Please go to our Timetable page to see the class times and locations. Any questions, please email me. Stephanie.

Some of our class attendees are keen golfers, and quite a few of them have told us that they think doing our classes has improved their golf!

You may be able to claim your pilates classes on your private Health Fund. Click here for more details.